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Who Is Raven Symone? (Must Know Details and Net Worth)

Raven Symone, also known as Raven-Symone Christina Pearman is an American actress and singer who starred in Disney’s “That’s So Raven” (2003-2007), “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and a lot more. Her acting credits also include the Broadway musical “Sister Act” where she played as Deloris van Cartier. She has transitioned from a child actor (on “The Cosby Show”) to more mature roles on television, film, and stage.

Aside from being a singer/actress Raven Symone is also a comedian, songwriter, rapper, producer, model, dancer, and a TV personality. She has released 4 studio albums and a couple of music videos.

How Much Is Raven Symone Worth?

Raven Symone began building her net worth at the age of 2 when she appeared in ads for Fisher-Price, Ritz Crackers, Jell-O, Cool Whip to name some. After appearing in advertisements for popular brands she was casted for a popular TV series, “The Cosby Show” (1984-1992) where she played Olivia Kendall the step-granddaughter of Dr. Cliff Huxtable (played by Cosby), on the show from 1989 to 1992. She won a Young Artist Award for her performance and her success led to various acting roles.

As of 2019, the total estimated net worth of Raven Symone is $55 Million which she has accumulated through her career in acting. Most notable projects that gave her net worth a big boost would be the theatrical movie “Dr. Dolittle” – 1998 (and it’s sequel – 2001), TV series like “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” (1993-1997), “Kim Possible” (2002-2007) and “That’s So Raven” (2003-2007).

Raven Symone Early Life

raven symone as a child

Raven Symone was born on December 10, 1985 in Atlanta Georgia. Her parents are Lydia and Christopher Pearman and she has a younger brother named Blaize. They moved to New York at the age of three where she attended Park School. She also attended North Springs High School in Atlanta and studied fine arts at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

She began working as a toddler, as a model, she appeared in advertisements and eventually auditioned for a role in a TV series. After being rejected from a role in the film “Ghost Dad” (1990) for being “too young”, she was invited to join the cast of “The Cosby Show” where she made her television debut on the sixth season of the show.

Raven Career

After “The Cosby Show” finished its run, Raven Symone tried out a singing career. She was the youngest person to ever sign with MCA records. She then went back to acting and starred as Nicole Lee on the ABC sitcom “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” (1992-1997).

She appeared in various television projects and films like “The Little Rascals” (1994), “Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child” (1995), “Dr. Dolittle” (1998), “Zeon: Girl of the 21st Century” (1999), “Dr. Dolittle 2” (2001), “College Road Trip” (2008), starred in Disney’s “That’s So Raven” (2003) “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and “The Cheetah Girls 2” (2006), which showcased her singing talents which led to her signing with Disney’s Hollywood Records and her 2004 album “This Is My Time.” Raven Symone also became a co-host of the ABC talk show “The View” in 2015.

Raven SymoneDisney Teen Queen

Raven Symone became a major asset to the Disney brand, after appearing in a Disney movie “Zeon: Girl of the 21st Century” (1999)for a supporting role, the network was impressed in her performance and was asked to audition for a lead role in a new Disney series. The audition was successful and she became the star of the “That’s So Raven” TV series. The show had a good review after the premiere and continued to have high ratings.

After that, she played a supporting role alongside actress Anne Hathaway in the Disney movie “The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement” (2004). She also starred in the made-for-TV films “The Cheetah Girls” (2003) and “The Cheetah Girls 2” (2006).

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Low Hanging System Review – Walk Into The Spotlight And Let’s See What You Are Exactly About!

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Low Hanging Systems Review: A Peek At The 7 Steps

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Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Low Hanging Systems?

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Highlights Of LHS

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A Glance At The LHS Course

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A Couple Of Words About The Creator, Don Wilson

In addition to a fellow developer, Rachel Rofe, Don Wilson will be the force behind this incredible product. As a result of his vast experience with marketing, he is the inspiration behind the package. It is actually a little wonder that his current products and courses have landed top spots on leaderboards. Indeed, a developer that is certainly definitely worth watching and something which has the information, expertise, and experience to generate a storm from the software world.

What’s Coming to the Box Office in 2019

What’s Coming to the Box Office in 2019

Make no mistake 2018 was an epic year for movies with HUGE hits at the box office.  Releases like Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and the Incredibles 2 all topping a billion dollars in ticket sales.  Dozens of others like Venom, Aquaman and Mission Impossible: Fallout made hundreds of millions of dollars.  The movie industry did just fine in 2018 and we were highly entertained, 2019 promises to be just as good.  What’s coming to the box office in 2019?  Let’s look at some of the movies that we are already waiting to see.

Avengers 4

With Infinity Wars being the highest grossing movie of 2018, you can bet that the next installment in the Marvel franchise will have us hanging on the edge of our seats.  The expected release date is May 3 and even the title has been kept a secret.  After the last movie ended and Thanos wiped out half the universe we all want to see how the remaining heroes are going to fix it.  Here is everything we know about the movie thus far.

Star Wars: Episode IX

Another huge franchise that is expected to do well at the box office and Star Wars fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment.  This is the last installment of the trilogy and it will be interesting to see what will happen with Luke dead, the death of Carrie Fisher and what happens to Rey and Kylo Ren.  Despite the last movie not being a fan favorite SW fans are loyal and will still be flooding the theaters when it is finally released in December.

Disney Releases

There are a ton of new releases coming from Disney this year including the live action releases of the Lion King, Dumbo and Aladdin.  The Toy Story franchise will get another installment and so will Frozen.  You will have lots of options for family entertainment coming in 2019.


If you are a fan of the weird and wonderful world of M. Night Shyamalan then get ready for the final installment of the Unbreakable trilogy.  20 years in the making the last installment will be released on the 18th of January it will feature Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson and James McAvoy, let’s hope it is as good as the first two.

Captain Marvel

MCU has 3 releases coming out in 2019, Avengers, Spiderman and lastly Captain Marvel.  Marvel has yet to have a female superhero featured in her own film and Captain Marvel is supposed to be the most powerful superhero yet.  Also Captain Marvel is expected to play a big role in the upcoming Avengers movie.  So this is one we can’t wait for!

Why I Hate Award Shows

Why I Hate Award Shows

It’s the end of the year and we are smack in the middle of award season, as a movie and TV buff you would think this would be my favorite time of year.  It isn’t, in fact award shows lost their appeal years ago and I rarely catch any of the award shows anymore.  If you are wondering why I hate award shows and where this animosity comes from I will try to explain.

I Haven’t Watched any of the Movies

Be it the Golden Globes, the Oscars or the Emmy’s rarely have I seen any of the movies or shows that are nominated.  I think in the past decade I have watched one or two Oscar nominated films and half of them I have never heard of.  Very rarely anymore do you see box office hits that even get nominated unless it’s some obscure category only industry insiders pay attention to.  Most of the nominees resemble art films and genres like action, fantasy or even comedy are grossly underrepresented…unless they are made by Clint Eastwood.

They Have Become Interchangeable

There is very little difference between the Oscars and the Golden Globes, in fact most of the winners from the Globes go on to win the Oscar.  The production looks the same, the red carpet looks the same, the nominees are the same and they have both become boring.  Most of these awards are only relevant to industry insiders and not really the general public.  While I applaud someone getting kudos for their work in any field that doesn’t mean I want to watch it on television.

They Are Just Too Long

Four hours…four hours of my life that I will never get back. That is just for the award show itself, there is always at least an hour of red carpet coverage before the show even begins.  If you are interested in the fashion aspect of the ceremonies then this is great, but if you aren’t it’s an endless parade of celebrities interspersed with silly interviews asking people what they are wearing.  After the show there is another hour where they break down the winners along with who got snubbed.

The Politics

I genuinely have mixed feelings about this.  While I admire celebrities that can use their star status to bring awareness to social issues that we face today, at the same time this isn’t necessarily the platform where I want to hear it.  There is also the politics involved in the nomination and award process.  I could live without all of it.

Award shows just don’t have the appeal that they used to.  Rarely are any of the movies I watch or enjoy ever nominated making for a very long and boring award show.